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A starting point for front-end projects

Designed to be lightweight and style agnostic, Kraken includes just the essentials.

Kraken isn't supposed to be a finished product. It's a starting point that you can adapt to any project you're working on. Add components. Remove components. Tweak the colors and font stack. Make Kraken your own.

The Kraken Approach

Kraken is built to be flexible and modular, with performance and accessibility in mind.

What's new?

Version 13

Kraken 13 adds modern CSS updates.

Version 12

Added a simple flexbox grid back in. The new grid is designed to be a starting point (and possibly removed altogether) rather than a complete templating system.

Version 11

Kraken 11 is all about simplifying.

Version 10

Kraken 10 changed the way spacing between grids works. Grids now sit tight against one another, and using padding to provide space between content instead of margins.

This is a break change, and the only reason for the major version bump.

Version 9

Kraken 9 is about removing a lot of the cruft from older versions.

Browser Support

Kraken works in all browsers, but it's optimized for modern browsers, and IE 11 and above.

(Support is not the same as optimization.)