What's Included?

Designed to be lightweight and style agnostic, Kraken includes just the essentials.

Essential Components

Lightweight, style-agnostic components to kick-start your next project.

  • A CSS Reset.
  • A responsive, mobile-first grid.
  • A well-designed, fluid typographic scale.
  • CSS buttons.
  • Common form components.

Developer Tools

Kraken is powered by Gulp.js, a build system that minifies and concatenates your Sass and JavaScript, auto-prefixes your CSS, runs unit tests on your scripts, and generates SVG sprites. It also includes a documentation builder to help you quickly bring your team or clients up-to-speed.


While the base boilerplate is deliberately lightweight, a growing collection of add-ons lets you make Kraken as robust—or simple—as you want it to be. Create custom-built sites and applications faster.

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