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This, unfortunately, cannot be done well.

Most browsers instantly jump you to the anchor location when you load a page. You could use scrollTo(0, 0) to pull users back up to the top, and then manually use the smoothScroll.animateScroll() method, but in my experience, it results in a visible jump on the page that's a worse experience than the default browser behavior.

Scrolling without updating the URL

Smooth Scroll is designed to progressively enhance anchor links while offloading as much to the browser as possible. In it's current implementation, it relies on hashchange events (which occur whenever a # changes in the URL) to trigger the scrolling behavior.

A benefit of this approach is that it preserves browser history and let's users navigate between anchors with the forward and back buttons on the browsers, just like you would normally.

However, I know certain front-end frameworks also use URL hashes for their own internal processes. While I view this as an anti-pattern, and won't bake hashless anchor links into Smooth Scroll's core, you can enable scrolling without updating the URL via the Smooth Scroll API.

Here's a relatively lightweight helper function that listens for click events and uses the smoothScroll.animateScroll() method to scroll to the anchor. If you use this, you should not need initialize Smooth Scroll with smoothScroll.init().

var smoothScrollWithoutHash = function (selector, settings) {

     * Get the closest matching element up the DOM tree.
     * @private
     * @param  {Element} elem     Starting element
     * @param  {String}  selector Selector to match against
     * @return {Boolean|Element}  Returns null if not match found
    var getClosest = function ( elem, selector ) {

        // Element.matches() polyfill
        if (!Element.prototype.matches) {
            Element.prototype.matches =
                Element.prototype.matchesSelector ||
                Element.prototype.mozMatchesSelector ||
                Element.prototype.msMatchesSelector ||
                Element.prototype.oMatchesSelector ||
                Element.prototype.webkitMatchesSelector ||
                function(s) {
                    var matches = (this.document || this.ownerDocument).querySelectorAll(s),
                        i = matches.length;
                    while (--i >= 0 && matches.item(i) !== this) {}
                    return i > -1;

        // Get closest match
        for ( ; elem && elem !== document; elem = elem.parentNode ) {
            if ( elem.matches( selector ) ) return elem;

        return null;


     * If smooth scroll element clicked, animate scroll
     * @private
    var clickHandler = function (event) {
        var toggle = getClosest( event.target, selector );
        if ( !toggle || toggle.tagName.toLowerCase() !== 'a' ) return;
        var anchor = document.querySelector( toggle.hash );
        if ( !anchor ) return;

        event.preventDefault(); // Prevent default click event
        smoothScroll.animateScroll( anchor, toggle, settings || {} ); // Animate scroll

    window.addEventListener('click', clickHandler, false );


// Run our function
smoothScrollWithoutHash( 'a[href*="#"]' );