If you have a question, find a bug, or just want to say hi, please open an issue on GitHub. Here are a few quick guidelines to make this an easier and better process for everyone.

Reporting a bug

First, make sure the bug hasn't already been reported by searching GitHub's issues section.

If no existing issue exists, go ahead and create one. Please be sure to include all of the following:

  1. A clear, descriptive title (ie. "A bug" is not a good title).
  2. A reduced test case. In order to debug code issues, I need to see actual code in a browser.
  3. The browser and OS that you're using.

Asking a question

Before asking, please make sure the question hasn't already been asked by searching GitHub's issues section.

Submitting a Pull Request

Please make sure your code meets the following code standards:

  • Camel case for JavaScript variables.
  • Object-Oriented CSS for CSS selectors.
  • Favor readable code over brevity. The build process will reduce size, so opt for readability. (ex. var navigation is better than var n)
  • Order CSS properties alphabetically.
  • Hard tabs.

Before submitting, make sure that you've:

  • Updated the version number using semantic versioning.
  • Made your changes in the src folder.
  • Run the Gulp build to compile, minify, and update version numbers into the dist folder. If you cannot do this, please note this in the Pull Request.